This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The global variable _fileinfo is no longer supported in any of the Microsoft developers' tools or libraries.

The _fileinfo variable determines whether information (such as the file handles and translation modes of open files used in a process) is passed to new processes by functions such as _spawn. For more information about the effect of changing the value of this variable, see _spawn. This global variable has been deprecated for the more secure functional versions _get_fileinfo and _set_fileinfo, which should be used in place of the global variable. _fileinfo is declared in Stdlib.h as follows.

extern int _fileinfo;

If _fileinfo is 0 (the default), information about open files is not passed to new processes; otherwise the information is passed. You can modify the default value of _fileinfo by setting the _fileinfo variable to a nonzero value in your program.