This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Technology Samples

The following samples instruct on the various technologies in the .NET Framework. The intention of these samples is to represent a single technology or a few related technologies in an accurate and useful way for developers. However, the technology samples are not strictly useful as complete applications, and most have little or no purpose other than as an instructive tool. As such, these samples tend to exhibit limited error handling, and often do not reflect the object-oriented nature of the .NET Framework.

Technology samples are found in the following location in your .NET Framework installation.


In This Section

Component Services
Provides samples demonstrating object construction and object pooling, queued components, and role-based security.
Cross-Dev Language Technology Sample
Demonstrates the use of different development languages in one project.
Delegates and Events Technology Sample
Provides an introductory example of a type-safe method callback mechanism.
Exceptions Technology Sample
Demonstrates structured exception handling in different programming languages.
Garbage Collection Technology Sample
Introduces the concept of garbage collection in the .NET Framework.
MSIL Round-Trip Technology Sample
Demonstrates the round-trip conversion of an executable file to modifiable source code.
Provides a variety of basic and advanced examples of interop technology, including several small applications.
Permissions Technology Sample
Introduces the code access security mechanism.
Platform Invoke Sample
Introduces concepts relating to platform invoke.
Public Key Cryptography Sample
Provides an introductory example of how to use public key encryption.
Provides several samples demonstrating different aspects of reflection technology.
Provides a variety of basic and advanced examples of remoting technology, including several unsupported custom tools.
Serialization Technology Sample
Demonstrates serializing an object graph to a stream in the common language runtime.
Provides a variety of examples of threading technology in the .NET Framework.
Value and Enum Types Technology Sample
Introduces the value and enumerated types in the .NET Framework.

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