Compiler Error C3739


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class': syntax is only supported when the 'layout_dependent' parameter of event_receiver is true

You tried to hook an entire interface of events but layout_dependent on event_receiver attribute is not true; you must hook a single event at a time.

The following sample generates C3739:

// C3739.cpp  
struct A  
   __event void e();  
// event_receiver is implied  
// [ event_receiver(layout_dependent=false)]  
// use the following line instead  
// [event_receiver(com, layout_dependent=true), coclass ]  
struct B  
   void f();  
   B(A* a)  
      __hook(A, a, &B::f);   // C3739  
      // use the following line instead to hook a single event  
      // __hook(&A::e, a, &B::f);  
int main()