This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Search Path Dialog Box

Specifies a deployment project's SearchPath property, which is the path or paths used to search for dependent assemblies or merge modules when an installer or merge module is built. Each path is displayed as a separate line in the search path list; paths are searched in the order listed. The SearchPath property is configuration-independent; setting the path for one configuration sets it for all configurations.


If the Search Path list is empty and the Include standard search paths check box is cleared, no search will be performed and dependent merge modules will not be found.

To access the Search Path dialog box, select the SearchPath property in the Properties window when a deployment project is selected in Solution Explorer.



Search path list

Displays a list of paths to be searched. Paths listed here are searched prior to standard search paths.


Opens the Add Search Path dialog box, which allows you to enter a new path without removing existing paths. The new path is added at the top of the list.


Opens the Edit Search Path dialog box, which allows you to edit or replace an existing path.


Removes the selected path.

Move Up

Moves the selected path up one line.

Move Down

Moves the selected path down one line.

Include standard search paths

Determines whether the search path will include predefined paths for assemblies and merge modules. When checked, these paths will be searched after any paths listed in the search path list.

For assemblies, the standard path is the path that is searched to create the listing shown in the Add Reference dialog box. For merge modules, it is the path to the location where Visual Studio installed merge modules, usually the directory %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Merge Modules.