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Expand All DSRUpdateReadOnlyServerDnsRecords (Opnum 48)

The DsrUpdateReadOnlyServerDnsRecords method will allow an RODC to send a control command to a normal (writable) DC for site-specific and CName types of DNS records update. For registration, site-specific records SHOULD be for the site in which RODC resides. For the types of DNS records, see [MS-ADTS] section 6.3.2.

 NTSTATUS DsrUpdateReadOnlyServerDnsRecords(
   [in, unique, string] LOGONSRV_HANDLE ServerName,
   [in, string] wchar_t* ComputerName,
   [in] PNETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR Authenticator,
   [out] PNETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR ReturnAuthenticator,
   [in, unique, string] wchar_t* SiteName,
   [in] unsigned long DnsTtl,
   [in, out] PNL_DNS_NAME_INFO_ARRAY DnsNames

ServerName: The custom RPC binding handle (as specified in section that represents the connection to the normal (writable) DC.

ComputerName: A null-terminated Unicode string that contains the client computer NetBIOS name.

Authenticator: A pointer to a NETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR structure (as specified in section that contains the client authenticator that will be used to authenticate the client.

ReturnAuthenticator: A pointer to a NETLOGON_AUTHENTICATOR structure that contains the server return authenticator.

SiteName: A pointer to a null-terminated Unicode string that contains the site name where the RODC resides.

DnsTtl: The Time To Live value, in seconds, for DNS records.

DnsNames: A pointer to an NL_DNS_NAME_INFO_ARRAY (section structure that contains an array of NL_DNS_NAME_INFO structures.

Return Values: The method returns 0x00000000 (NO_ERROR) on success; otherwise, it returns a nonzero error code.

On receiving this call, the server performs the following steps:

  • Verifies that the server is a normal (writable) DC; otherwise, the server MUST return STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.<239>

  • Verifies that the caller (ComputerName) is an RODC; otherwise, the server MUST return STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.

  • Verifies that the Authenticator passed, and compute the ReturnAuthenticator, as specified in section If the Authenticator verification fails, the server MUST return STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED.

  • Validates the requested DNS name type. Only site-specific and CName types are supported. For an unsupported DNS name type, sets the DNS name status to STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED.

  • Validates the site name for site-specific DNS name registration. Sets DNS name status to STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED for an invalid site name.

  • Validates Ndnc domain name for the registration of NlDnsNdncDomainName DnsDomainInfoType. Sets DNS name status to STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED for an invalid Ndnc domain name.

This method can be called only by a machine that has established a secure channel with the server.

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