This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Logging Application, Server, and Security Events

Windows event logs allow your applications and components to record information about important events. You can use these records to audit access to your system, troubleshoot problems, and re-create usage patterns.

Using the EventLog component and language features in Visual Studio or the .NET Framework, you can easily connect to Windows event logs on both local and remote computers and write entries to these logs. You can also read entries from existing logs and create your own custom event logs on computers that have Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0 installed.

Introduction to the EventLog Component

Provides basic information on event log features.

Administering Event Logs

Suggests additional topics on deleting event logs and performing administrative tasks on event logs.

How to: Create EventLog Component Instances

Gives directions for creating and configuring EventLog component instances in your projects.

How to: Write Entries to Event Logs

Gives directions for configuring your component to write entries to event logs.

How to: Read Event Log Entries

Gives directions for reading event log entries.

How to: Handle the EntryWritten Event

Describes how to create event handlers for your EventLog components that automatically call a procedure when an entry is written to a log.

Security Ramifications of Event Logs

Describes the effects of event log interactions on application security.

EventLog class

This class provides interaction with Windows event logs.

EventLog Programming Architecture

Describes the language elements used in EventLog component programming.

Programming with Components

Presents a high-level overview of component programming and authoring.

Using Installation Components

Describes how to use the Add Installer link in the Properties window to add an installation component to applications with EventLog component instances.

Default Project Templates in Visual Studio

Describes the projects types used in this chapter and how to choose between them.

Deploying Applications and Components

Lists the major Help pages about deployment and the information they contain.