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XML Files

Visual Studio .NET 2003

XML files contain both the actual data (or content) and the elements that identify the data. The XML Designer provides two ways to view and work with XML documents, XML view and Data view. XML view, as its name implies, is actual XML code (or XML markup). Data view interprets the XML source and displays the contents in a data grid. Using the XML designer in XML view provides both color-coding, which makes the code easy to read, and IntelliSense, for helping to locate syntax errors. Additionally, if a schema is associated with the XML file the statement completion feature is enabled, as well as an option to validate the XML data against the schema.

Note   There are some instances of XML documents where Data view is disabled. This occurs when the XML data cannot be mapped into the dataset. If your XML document is structured in this way, changing to Data view will present a message stating; "Although this XML document is well formed, it contains structure that Data View cannot display."

In This Section

Creating New XML Files
Describes how to add new XML files to a project.
Assigning Schemas to XML Files
Describes how to set the targetSchema property, in order to associate a schema to an XML file.
Checking for Well-Formed and Valid XML
Describes how to confirm XML files have correct syntax and content.
Creating XML Schemas from XML Files
Describes how to use the XML Designer to infer a schema based on existing XML data.
Walkthrough: Creating an XML File with an Associated XML Schema
Provides step-by-step instructions for how to create an XML Schema and associated XML file, including element, type definitions, and setting the targetSchema property.

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