Compiler Error C3170


cannot have different module identifiers in a project

module attributes with different names were found in two of the files in a compilation. Only one unique module attribute can be specified per compilation.

Identical module attributes can be specified in more than one source code file.

For example, if the following module attributes were found:

// C3170.cpp
[ module(name="MyModule", uuid="373a1a4e-469b-11d3-a6b0-00c04f79ae8f") ];
int main() {}

And then,

// C3170b.cpp
// compile with: C3170.cpp
// C3170 expected
[ module(name="MyModule1", uuid="373a1a4e-469b-11d3-a6b0-00c04f79ae8f") ];

the compiler would generate C3170 (note the different names).