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Call this method to store data in a specified value field of a specified key.

      LONG SetKeyValue(
   LPCTSTR lpszKeyName,
   LPCTSTR lpszValue,
   LPCTSTR lpszValueName = NULL 
) throw( );


Specifies the name of the key to be created or opened. This name must be a subkey of m_hKey.


Specifies the data to be stored. This parameter must be non-NULL.


Specifies the value field to be set. If a value field with this name does not already exist in the key, it is added.

If successful, returns ERROR_SUCCESS; otherwise, a nonzero error code defined in WINERROR.H.

Call this method to create or open the lpszKeyName key and store the lpszValue data in the lpszValueName value field.


Header: atlbase.h