This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CounterCreationData Constructor

Initializes a new instance of the CounterCreationData class, to a counter of type NumberOfItems32, and with empty name and help strings.

Namespace:  System.Diagnostics
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

public CounterCreationData()

The following code example shows how to create an empty instance of the CounterCreationData class. Because the example does not pass in any parameters, the CounterHelp, CounterName, and CounterType properties are not specified and must be defined later.

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;

namespace MyDiagnostics
    class MyCounterCreationData
        static void Main()
            CounterCreationDataCollection myCol =
                                       new CounterCreationDataCollection();

            // Create two custom counter objects.
            CounterCreationData myCounter1 = new CounterCreationData("Counter1",
               "First custom counter", PerformanceCounterType.CounterDelta32);

            CounterCreationData myCounter2 = new CounterCreationData();

            // Set the properties of the 'CounterCreationData' object.
            myCounter2.CounterName = "Counter2";
            myCounter2.CounterHelp = "Second custom counter";
            myCounter2.CounterType = PerformanceCounterType.NumberOfItemsHEX32;

            // Add custom counter objects to CounterCreationDataCollection.

            if (PerformanceCounterCategory.Exists("New Counter Category"))
                PerformanceCounterCategory.Delete("New Counter Category");

            // Bind the counters to a PerformanceCounterCategory.
            PerformanceCounterCategory myCategory =
                  PerformanceCounterCategory.Create("New Counter Category", "Category Help",
                PerformanceCounterCategoryType.SingleInstance, myCol);

            Console.WriteLine("Counter Information:");
            Console.WriteLine("Category Name: " + myCategory.CategoryName);
            for (int i = 0; i < myCol.Count; i++)
                // Display the properties of the CounterCreationData objects.
                Console.WriteLine("CounterName : " + myCol[i].CounterName);
                Console.WriteLine("CounterHelp : " + myCol[i].CounterHelp);
                Console.WriteLine("CounterType : " + myCol[i].CounterType);

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