Using Threads and Threading
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Using Threads and Threading 

The topics in this section discuss the creation and management of managed threads, how to pass data to managed threads and get results back, and how to destroy threads and handle a ThreadAbortException.

In This Section

Creating Threads and Passing Data at Start Time

Discusses and demonstrates the creation of managed threads, including how to pass data to new threads and how to get data back.

Pausing and Resuming Threads

Discusses the ramifications of pausing and resuming managed threads.

Destroying Threads

Discusses the ramifications of destroying managed threads, and how to handle a ThreadAbortException.

Scheduling Threads

Discusses thread priorities and how they affect thread scheduling.



Provides reference documentation for the Thread class, which represents a managed thread, whether it came from unmanaged code or was created in a managed application.


Provides reference documentation for the ThreadStart delegate that represents parameterless thread procedures.


Provides an easy way to pass data to a thread procedure, although without strong typing.

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