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Collections as an Alternative to Arrays

Although collections are most often used for working with objects, you can use a collection to work with any data type. In some circumstances, it can be more efficient to store items in a collection than in an array.

You might want to use a collection if you are working with a small, dynamic set of items. The following code fragment shows how you might use a collection to save and display a list of URL addresses.

' Module-level collection declaration. 
Public URLHistory As New Microsoft.VisualBasic.Collection 
' ... 
' Code for adding a specified URL address to the collection. 
Private Sub SaveURLHistory(ByVal URLAddress As String) 
End Sub 
' ... 
' Code for displaying the list of URL addresses in the Immediate window. 
Private Sub PrintURLHistory() 
   Dim URLAddress As String 
   For Each URLAddress In URLHistory 
   Next URLAddress 
End Sub 

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