This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating, Deleting, and Administering Queues

You can use the MessageQueue component to create new queues on the Message Queuing network, delete queues, and perform some administrative actions on existing queues.

How to: Create Queues

Gives directions for creating your own message queues within an existing network.

Queue Reference Recommendations

Suggests criteria for choosing identifying elements for queues, or linking your MessageQueue components to existing queues.

How to: Delete Queues

Gives directions for deleting queues from the network.

How to: Purge Queue Contents

Gives directions for clearing the contents of a queue.

How to: Create MessageQueue Component Instances

Explains how to create MessageQueue component instances to build messaging functionality into your application.

Message Queue Configuration Properties

Describes properties you can manipulate on the queues and MessageQueue components you create.

Introduction to Messaging

Provides an introduction to messaging in Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Using Messaging Components

Lists the major pages on using messaging in your applications.

Message Queues and Messaging Technology Backgrounder

Provides background explanation on message queuing technology.