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Loads the Windows predefined cursor resource specified by nIDCursor.

   UINT nIDCursor  
) const;


An OCR_ manifest constant identifier that specifies a predefined Windows cursor. You must have #define OEMRESOURCE before #include <afxwin.h> to gain access to the OCR_ constants in WINDOWS.H.

A handle to a cursor if successful; otherwise NULL.

Use the LoadOEMCursor or LoadStandardCursor member function to access the predefined Windows cursors.

// In the stdafx.h file, add #define OEMRESOURCE to
// include the windows.h definitions of OCR_ values.
#include <afxwin.h>         // MFC core and standard components
#include <afxext.h>         // MFC extensions
HCURSOR hCursor;
// Load the predefined WIndows "size all" cursor.
hCursor = AfxGetApp()->LoadOEMCursor(OCR_SIZEALL);

Header: afxwin.h

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