This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


The AFX_SQL_SYNC macro simply calls the function SQLFunc.



An ODBC API function. For more information about these functions, see the Platform SDK.


Use this macro to call ODBC API functions that will not return SQL_STILL_EXECUTING.

Before calling AFX_SQL_SYNC, you must declare a variable, nRetCode, of type RETCODE. You can check the value of nRetCode after the macro call.

Note that the implementation of AFX_SQL_SYNC changed in MFC 4.2. Because checking the server status was no longer required, AFX_SQL_SYNC simply assigns a value to nRetCode. For example, instead of making the call

   AFX_SQL_SYNC( ::SQLGetInfo( .. ) )

you can simply make the assignment

   nRetCode = ::SQLGetInfo( .. );

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