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Masked Edit Control Properties, Methods, and Events

Visual Studio .NET 2003


AccessibleDescription Property

AccessibleName Property

AccessibleRole Property

AllowPrompt Property

Anchor Property

Appearance Property (ActiveX Controls)

AutoTab Property

BackColor, ForeColor Properties (ActiveX Controls)

BorderStyle Property (ActiveX Controls)

CausesValidation Property

ClipMode Property

ClipText Property

DataBindings Property

Dock Property

Enabled Property (ActiveX Controls)

Font Property (ActiveX Controls)

Format Property (Masked Edit Control)

FormattedText Property

Height, Width Properties (ActiveX Controls)

HideSelection Property (ActiveX Controls)

hWnd Property (ActiveX Controls)

ImeMode Property

Location Property

Left, Top Properties (ActiveX Controls)

Mask Property

MaxLength Property

MouseIcon Property (ActiveX Controls)

MousePointer Property (ActiveX Controls)

Name Property (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDragMode Property (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDropMode Property (ActiveX Controls)

Parent Property (ActiveX Controls)

PromptChar Property

PromptInclude Property

SelLength, SelStart, SelText Properties (ActiveX Controls)

SelText Property (Masked Edit Control)

Size Property

TabIndex Property

TabStop Property

Text Property (MaskedEdit Control)

Visible Property (ActiveX Controls)


AboutBox Method

OLEDrag Method (ActiveX Controls)

Refresh Method (ActiveX Controls)


Change Event (ActiveX Controls)

KeyDown, KeyUp Events (ActiveX Controls)

KeyPress Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLECompleteDrag Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDragDrop Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEDragOver Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEGiveFeedback Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLESetData Event (ActiveX Controls)

OLEStartDrag Event (ActiveX Controls)

ValidationError Event

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Applies To: Masked Edit Control