This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Defines an OLE automation property and name the functions used to get and set the property's value in a dispatch map.

DISP_PROPERTY_EX(theClass, pszName, memberGet, memberSet, vtPropType )


Name of the class.


External name of the property.


Name of the member function used to get the property.


Name of the member function used to set the property.


A value specifying the property's type.

The memberGet and memberSet functions have signatures determined by the vtPropType argument. The memberGet function takes no arguments and returns a value of the type specified by vtPropType. The memberSet function takes an argument of the type specified by vtPropType and returns nothing.

The vtPropType argument is of type VARTYPE. Possible values for this argument are taken from the VARENUM enumeration. For a list of these values, see the Remarks for the vtRetVal parameter in DISP_FUNCTION. Note that VT_EMPTY, listed in the DISP_FUNCTION remarks, is not permitted as a property data type.

Header: afxdisp.h