WordprocessingDocument class

Defines WordprocessingDocument - an OpenXmlPackage represents a Word document.

Namespace:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Packaging
Assembly:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml (in DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll)

public class WordprocessingDocument : OpenXmlPackage

The following example shows how to apply the "Heading3" style to the first paragraph in an existing word processing document. To run the code example, create a word-processing file and write some text in it. After you run the code example, examine the text in the file. You would notice that the style of the first paragraph is changed to “Heading3.”

using System;
using System.Linq;
using DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Packaging;
using DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Wordprocessing;

namespace WordProcessingEx
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // Apply the Heading 3 style to a paragraph. 
            string fileName = @"C:\Users\Public\Documents\WordProcessingEx.docx";
            using ( WordprocessingDocument myDocument = WordprocessingDocument.Open(fileName, true))
                // Get the first paragraph.
                Paragraph p = myDocument.MainDocumentPart.Document.Body.Elements<Paragraph>().First();

                // If the paragraph has no ParagraphProperties object, create a new one.
                if ( p.Elements<ParagraphProperties>().Count() == 0 )
                    p.PrependChild<ParagraphProperties>(new ParagraphProperties());

                // Get the ParagraphProperties element of the paragraph.
                ParagraphProperties pPr = p.Elements<ParagraphProperties>().First();

                // Set the value of ParagraphStyleId to "Heading3".
                pPr.ParagraphStyleId = new ParagraphStyleId() { Val = "Heading3" };
            Console.WriteLine("All done. Press a key.");

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