WLAN Association Tests - OPEN_WEP - Functional

Setup - uses a local directory for binary storage. - uses xcopy with the /d switch to get any updated binaries from the HCK Controller - runs parallel on all machines - Creates configuration file for AP controller service - Initializes AP controller service - adds firewall rules for TAEF Test Cleanup - runs in parallel on all machines - copies logs to HCK controller - removes firewall rules for TAEF - Stops the AP controller service - In the event of a failed run - All machines are rebooted

Test details

Windows 10 Client (x64)
Windows 10 Client (x86)
Windows 10 Mobile (ARM64)
Windows 10 Mobile (ARM)
Windows 10 Mobile (x86)
Windows 10 Client (ARM)
Windows 8 (x86)
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows RT
Windows 8.1 (x86)
Windows 8.1 (x64)
Windows RT 8.1
Windows 10 Server (x64)
Expected run time (in minutes)1200
Timeout (in minutes)1200
Requires rebootfalse
Requires special configurationfalse


More information


Parameter nameParameter description
TestDeviceSupports5ghzThis should be set to TRUE if the device supports 5ghz networks and FALSE if it does not
APControllerIPAddressInternal Parameter
LocalDirInternal Parameter
AP1IPAddressIP Address of the first AP connected to the system
AP1PasswordRoot password for the first AP connected to the system
AP2IPAddressIP Address of the second AP connected to the system
AP2PasswordRoot password for the second AP connected to the system
ServiceAPChannelAddressInternal Parameter
TestDllInternal Parameter
PriorityInternal Parameter
TestNameInternal Parameter
EnableTracingYes or No to enable tracing