2.1.31 [ISO32000-1] Section 12.6, Actions


The specification states:

 In addition to jumping to a destination in the document, an annotation or outline item may specify an action (PDF 1.1) to perform, such as launching an application, playing a sound, changing an annotation’s appearance state. … PDF includes a wide variety of standard action types, described in detail in 12.6.4, "Action Types."

Microsoft Edge:

These action types are not supported (their presence in a document is ignored):

  • Remote go-to (section

  • Embedded to-to (section

  • Launch (section

  • Sound (section

  • Movie (section

  • Hide (section

  • Named (section

  • Set OCG State (section

  • Rendition (section

  • Transition (section

  • Go to 3D view (section

  • JavaScript (section