2.1.39 [ISO32000-1] Section 14, Document Interchange


The specification states:

 The features described in this clause do not affect the final appearance of a document. Rather, these features enable a document to include higher-level information that is useful for the interchange of documents among conforming products:
 ▪  Procedure sets (14.2, "Procedure Sets") that define the implementation of PDF operators
 ▪  Metadata (14.3, "Metadata") consisting of general information about a document or a component of a document, such as its title, author, and creation and modification dates
 ▪  File identifiers (14.4, "File Identifiers") for reliable reference from one PDF file to another
 ▪  Page-piece dictionaries (14.5, "Page-Piece Dictionaries") allowing a conforming product to embed private data in a PDF document for its own use
 ▪  Marked-content operators (14.6, "Marked Content") for identifying portions of a content stream and associating them with additional properties or externally specified objects
 ▪  Logical structure facilities (14.7, "Logical Structure") for imposing a hierarchical organization on the content of a document
 ▪  Tagged PDF (14.8, "Tagged PDF"), a set of conventions for using the marked content and logical structure facilities to facilitate the extraction and reuse of a document’s content for other purposes
 ▪  Various ways of increasing the accessibility of a document to users with disabilities (14.9, "Accessibility Support"), including the identification of the natural language in which it is written (such as English or Spanish) for the benefit of a text-to-speech engine
 ▪  The Web Capture extension (14.10, "Web Capture"), which creates PDF files from Internet-based or locally resident HTML, PDF, GIF, JPEG, and ASCII text files
 ▪  Facilities supporting prepress production workflows (14.11, "Prepress Support"), such as the specification of page boundaries and the generation of printer’s marks, colour separations, output intents, traps, and low-resolution proxies for high-resolution images

Microsoft Edge:

These features are not supported (their presence is ignored), except for:

  • Metadata –DID is supported, XMP is not

  • Accessibility – partial support

  • Boxes –media and crop box only