Since the Lumia SensorCore SDK provides developers with access to the users' private information from the past ten days, privacy is a critical aspect of the system. The SensorCore SDK enforces privacy in two different ways.

Please refer to the Essential practices section for information about how apps should deal with motion data settings.

For data to be collected by the SensorCore SDK, or by any applications getting access to the sensor data, the user must have enabled motion data collection from motion data settings and Location services from Location settings. The application developer must handle the case when the user has disabled either Location or motion data, as the SensorCore SDK won't be able to work if either of these system settings is disabled.

In devices that have motion data settings 2.0, steps and activities (except Biking and MovingInVehicle) do not depend on motion data and location settings.

The SensorCore SDK is also dependent on the Location capability to be present in the application manifest, and Store intake will enforce this by adding the capability to the application manifest.

When downloading an application that utilizes the SensorCore SDK from the Marketplace, the user will be prompted to accept the application's access to location information.

The user can always go to the motion data settings and clear any collected motion data. In devices that have motion data 2.x settings, the places visited setting clears only places and tracks information but not steps and activities.

In case your application transfers any motion data outside of the device to the backend, it is strongly recommended for the app to ask for permission from the user for this action.

Good practice is to:

  • Describe how the application handles motion data in the application's privacy policy.
  • Obtain the user's express permission in the app's user interface before accessing, uploading, or sharing the information out from the device.
  • Create a mechanism for the user to later opt-out from sending this information out of the device.