DynamicElement Constructor (String, XmlNamespaceManager)

Creates a DynamicXmlNode from an new XElement with the given name for the node This element is introduced in Windows PowerShell 5.0.

Namespace: Microsoft.OneGet.Utility.Xml
Assembly: Microsoft.OneGet.Utility (in Microsoft.OneGet.Utility.dll)

Dim elementName As String
Dim namespaceManager As XmlNamespaceManager

Dim instance As New DynamicElement(elementName, namespaceManager)

public DynamicElement (
	string elementName,
	XmlNamespaceManager namespaceManager
public DynamicElement (
	String elementName, 
	XmlNamespaceManager namespaceManager
public function DynamicElement (
	elementName : String, 
	namespaceManager : XmlNamespaceManager



The new XElement node name to use as the actual XML node for this DynamicXmlNode



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