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suppressSubdownloadCredentialPrompts method

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Controls whether an app suppresses possible authentication prompts during the download of resources.

Internet Explorer 10





suppress [in]

Type: boolean

A value of true suppresses potential authentication prompts. A value of false does not suppress any potential authentication prompts from the user.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


The suppressSubdownloadCredentialPrompts method controls whether an app suppresses potential authentication prompts during the download of resources. The default behavior is to not suppress credential prompts.

suppressSubdownloadCredentialPrompts is intended for use by apps which may load an excessive number of resources that require authentication, such as a mail app (which could contain a newsletter containing a number of images where each image requires authentication).

When suppressing credential prompts, dialogs for authenticating to servers will not be shown when accessing resources that require authentication, and the resource will not be downloaded. Note that suppressSubdownloadCredentialPrompts does not impact other possible prompts such as proxy authentication or client certification request dialogs, nor does it impact XHR.

Be aware that suppressSubdownloadCredentialPrompts impacts all content in the application, including content hosted in the webview element.

Important  Credential prompt decisions are cached. Therefore, while suppressing credential prompts will take effect immediately, allowing credential prompts after suppressing them may need a reload of the document to take effect.


// Set to true to suppress potenial credential prompts:

// Now one can load content or navigate iframe/webview to some other site.

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