WebProxyClient Members

A base class that creates an authenticated web service endpoint on a WCF channel.

The following tables list the members exposed by the WebProxyClient type.

  Name Description
  WebProxyClient Overloaded.  

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyChannelFactory  (inherited from ClientBase)
public propertyClientCredentials  (inherited from ClientBase)
public propertyEndpoint  (inherited from ClientBase)
public propertyHeaderTokenThe access token returned from OAuth authentication.
public propertyInnerChannel  (inherited from ClientBase)
public propertySdkClientVersionThe version of your client application.
public propertyState  (inherited from ClientBase)

  Name Description
protected property Channel  (inherited from ClientBase)

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodAbort  (inherited from ClientBase)
public methodClose  (inherited from ClientBase)
public methodDisplayInitializationUI  (inherited from ClientBase)
public methodDisposeOverloaded.  
public methodEquals  (inherited from Object)
public methodGetHashCode  (inherited from Object)
public methodGetType  (inherited from Object)
public methodOpen  (inherited from ClientBase)
public methodToString  (inherited from Object)

  Name Description
protected method CreateChannel  (inherited from ClientBase)
protected method CreateNewInitializer Creates the WCF proxy client initializer which gets invoked on every SDK method call. This method makes sure that the access token and other header values are added to the outbound call.
protected method static CreateServiceEndpoint Creates the service endpoint required for the proxy and adds support for early-bound types in the provided assembly.
protected method Dispose Overloaded.  
protected method Finalize Overridden. Destructor for the WebProxyClient class.
protected method static GetBinding Returns the default BasicHttpBinding that the proxy classes will use.
protected method GetDefaultValueForInitialization  (inherited from ClientBase)
protected method InvokeAsync  (inherited from ClientBase)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object)

  Name Description
  Dispose  (inherited from ClientBase)
  BeginClose  (inherited from ClientBase)
  BeginClose  (inherited from ClientBase)
  BeginOpen  (inherited from ClientBase)
  BeginOpen  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Close  (inherited from ClientBase)
  EndClose  (inherited from ClientBase)
  EndOpen  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Open  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Closed  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Closing  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Faulted  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Opened  (inherited from ClientBase)
  Opening  (inherited from ClientBase)

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