MetricTelemetry Constructor (String, Double)

Initializes a new instance of the MetricTelemetry Class.Initializes a new instance of the MetricTelemetry Class.

Namespace: Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Contracts
Assembly: Microsoft.ApplicationInsights (in Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.dll)

Dim metricName As String
Dim metricValue As Double

Dim instance As New MetricTelemetry(metricName, metricValue)

public MetricTelemetry (
	string metricName,
	double metricValue
public MetricTelemetry (
	String metricName, 
	double metricValue
public function MetricTelemetry (
	metricName : String, 
	metricValue : double

The default constructor initializes any fields to their default values.

Development Platforms

Windows 8, Windows Server 2012