2.1.5 [WAI-ARIA1.0] Section 5.4, Definition of Roles


The specification states:

   A section of a page that consists of a composition that forms an independent part of a
   document, page, or site.
   A definition of a term or concept.
   A type of live region where new information is added in meaningful order and old
   information may disappear. See related marquee.
   Content that represents a mathematical expression.
   A section whose content is parenthetic or ancillary to the main content of the resource.
   A row of cells in a grid.
   A group containing one or more row elements in a grid.
   A graphical object that controls the scrolling of content within a viewing area,
   regardless of whether the content is fully displayed within the viewing area.
   A type of live region containing a numerical counter which indicates an amount of elapsed
   time from a start point, or the time remaining until an end point.

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