MEDIAN Function (DAX)

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This function is included in SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services (SSAS), Microsoft Power Pivot in Excel 2016 Preview editions, and Microsoft Power BI Designer Preview only. Information provided here is subject to change.

Returns the median of numbers in a column.

To return the median of an expresssion evaluated for each row in a table, use MEDIANX Function (DAX).



columnThe column that contains the numbers for which the median is to be computed.

A decimal number.

Only the numbers in the column are counted. Blanks, logical values, and text are ignored.

MEDIAN( Table[Column] ) is equivalent to MEDIANX( Table, Table[Column] ).

The following computes the median of a column named Age in a table named Customers:

=MEDIAN( Customers[Age] )  

MEDIANX Function (DAX)

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