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Understand Profile Guidelines

Dramatically increase your customer engagement opportunities with a profile that tells customers exactly what your expertise is, and how your software applications and services address their specific business needs.

Follow the guidelines below to create a strong company Marketing Profile and Application or Professional Service Profiles in the Microsoft Partner Center—and to meet the requirements for content quality and formatting. Your profiles will publish on Microsoft Pinpoint.

General Requirements for All Profile Types

  • Do not include quotes, URLs, or contact information such as your company’s physical address, email address, or phone number in your profile description. These are entered in separate website and location boxes.

  • Must be a minimum of 20 words and a maximum of 250 words. If in doubt, use fewer words.

  • No spelling, capitalization, punctuation, or grammatical errors.

  • Do not include Microsoft product trademark symbols.

  • Do not use bold type, italics or underlining.

  • No rich text formatting. Use plain text formatting only.

Write Your Company Marketing Profile in Three Steps

Use the following prompts in the sequence given to create your company marketing profile. The information you provide must be current.

Customers want to hear what you can do to help their business thrive. They want to know exactly what you can deliver—not what your vision or mission is.

  1. State your company’s expertise in the first sentence or two. Call out the Microsoft products you focus on. Examples: ABC Enterprises delivers on-site and e-learning training. We are experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  2. Tell the benefit of what you offer or the problem you help customers solve. Example: We help your employees build practical skills they can apply immediately to improve productivity and lower your costs. We specialize in Dynamics integration and customized CRM application development.

  3. Include a list of the services and software applications you want to promote. Use bullets to list.

Marketing profile requirements:

  • Describe your qualifications and expertise, or those of your company.

  • Must use your legal company name.

  • Must include a link to your company’s homepage in the website box.

  • Do not refer to another Microsoft partner company by name, unless it is a subsidiary or somehow affiliated with your company, or you have a current agreement with that partner company to act in partnership and/or promote each other for shared work opportunities.

The company name you list in the Partner Center must be the legal company name that is registered and licensed to do business in your region.

Write Your Application or Professional Service Profile in Two Steps

1. Name your software application or service.

Keep the name short. Use simple, straightforward language. The information you provide must be current.

Software application or service name requirements:

  • Must be a minimum of one word and a maximum of 10 words. If in doubt, use fewer words.

  • Cannot be the same as an existing Microsoft product.

  • If your service is reselling a Microsoft product, the words “Sales” or “Reseller” must be included in the service name. Example: Microsoft Dynamics Reseller.

  • Capitalize the first letter of each word. If, however, your offering name is branded, please express the name exactly as it is branded.

  • If you create multiple industry- or use-specific listings for an application or service, treat each listing as a unique offering. The name of each offering must clearly call out the intended use or industry.

2. Write your Application or Professional Service Description.

Your clear and succinct responses to the prompts below, in the sequence given, will create a well-written listing.

  1. State what your application or service does and/or what customer issue it addresses.

  2. State what Microsoft technologies this application or service enhances or builds upon.

  3. Call out the benefits this application or service offers in a bulleted list.

Application or professional service description requirements:

  • Must state what your application or service is, what it does, and 3-5 customer benefits.

  • Must include at least one link to a page on your website providing additional details about the product being profiled. The content must correspond to the box it is entered into: demo, download, etc.

  • If you create multiple industry- or use-specific listings for an application or service, treat each listing as a unique offering. The description of each offering must be differentiated and targeted by using keywords that are specific to the intended use or industry.

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