Azure DocumentDB Reference Documentation


Updated: August 5, 2016

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is a document-oriented, NoSQL database service designed for modern mobile and web applications. DocumentDB delivers consistently fast reads and writes, schema flexibility, and the ability to easily scale a database up and down on demand. DocumentDB enables complex ad hoc queries using a dialect of SQL, supports well defined consistency levels, and offers JavaScript language integrated, multi-document transaction processing using the familiar programming model of stored procedures, triggers and UDFs.

DocumentDB can be managed using a variety of APIs and SDKs. Links to the reference documentation and install points, when applicable, for each of these APIs and SDKs are provided in the following table.

Reference documentationInstall point
DocumentDB .NET LibraryInstall DocumentDB .NET SDK
Java SDKInstall DocumentDB Java SDK
PyDocumentDBInstall DocumentDB Python SDK
Azure DocumentDB Node.js SDKInstall DocumentDB Node.js SDK
DocumentDB server-side JavaScript SDKNot applicable.
Azure DocumentDB JavaScript SDKInstall DocumentDB JavaScript SDK
DocumentDB SQL Query LanguageNot applicable.
DocumentDB REST APINot applicable.

Conceptual documentation for DocumentDB is available at Microsoft Azure DocumentDB documentation.