Errata in Open Specification Protocol Documentation

Published: August 17, 2015

The Errata pages may be updated more frequently than the protocols documents. To receive notifications of changes to Errata pages, you can subscribe to these RSS or Atom feeds.

Errata are subject to the same terms as the Open Specifications documentation referenced.

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The pages below contain the Errata for the indicated protocols documents since those documents were last published. For more information, please contact

Errata are content issues in previously published versions of protocols documents that could impact an implementation. Examples of errata are errors or missing information in the normative sections of the Technical Specifications or in the use cases (examples) in the Technical Specifications and Overview Documents.

Content issues that don’t impact an implementation, e.g., editorial updates due to typos, formatting updates, and rewrites for readability and clarity, are not included in Errata.