Office 365 REST APIs for mail, calendars, and contacts

Find information about the Office 365 APIs that you can use to access mail, calendars, and contacts in Office 365 or Exchange Online.

Last modified: October 27, 2014

Applies to: Exchange Online | Office 365

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Office 365 and Exchange Online provide a new way to work with email, calendars, and contacts. The Mail, Calendar, and Contact REST APIs provide a powerful, easy-to-use way to access and manipulate Exchange data. These APIs are based on open standards: OAuth version 2.0 for authentication, and OData version 4.0 and JSON for data abstraction. This provides the following advantages:

  • Because these APIs require OAuth for authentication, your application does not have to handle or store user credentials.

  • OAuth makes it possible to request tightly scoped permissions to user data. For example, you might design your application to request permission and read only a user's calendar.

You can use the Mail API to get, create, update, delete, move, copy, and send email. You can also get, create, update, and delete mail folders.

You can use the Calendar API to get, create, update, and delete events. You can also get, create, update, and delete calendar groups and calendars.

You can use the Contacts API to get, create, update, and delete contacts in a user's mailbox. You can also get contact folders.

Head over to the Developing on the Office 365 platform page to get more information about the Mail, Calendar, and Contacts APIs, including guidance for setting up your environment and getting started with the APIs. Also be sure to check out the starter projects and code samples to see these APIs in action.