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IaaS Resource Provider (Compute Resources)

Windows Azure Pack IaaS Resource Provider


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

The IaaS resource provider for Windows Azure Pack for Windows Server provides infrastructure management through the Service Management API. This is exposed as an OData service. This service provides an API that helps with automation for both the hoster and the tenant.


The documentation related to the IaaS provider is currently in progress. Only part of the tenant IaaS service is currently documented.

Virtual Machine Roles are provided in another IaaS resource provider which is documented at VM Roles Tenant Service [SPFSDK][VMROLE]. The VM role capabilities of Windows Azure Pack provides a different way to manage and provision VMs, through a gallery. The VMs that are provisioned this way can be further managed through this resource provider..

Release Date


May, 2014

Initial publish. Covered the tenant objects related to networks.

June, 2014

Covered the tenant objects related to disks.

Reworked the sections below into a new table that lists both collections and entities together.

Each entity topic now links to the code samples used by the backing collection topic.

August, 2014

Covered the tenant objects related to services and templates.

Added Complex Types [SPFSDK][VMMREF] topics. Only the types used by the currently documented entities have been documented.

Cleaned up topics to make them consistent. For example, every collection operation topic describes the expected return code.

September, 2014

Covered the tenant objects related to virtual machines.

October, 2014

Covered more objects.

The tenant generally manages their own virtual machines, network, and related objects (available with their subscription) through the Windows Azure Pack portal. However, not everything the service can offer can be managed through the portal. The Service Management API provides an OData service for the tenant (or the hoster) to automate their infrastructure and configuration. The OData service provides collections and entities related to IaaS. For more information about OData concepts, see OData Introduction.

The IaaS resource provider service is located at https://{server-name}:{auth-port}/{subscription-id}/services/systemcenter/vmm/. For more information about the service URL, see URL placeholders and Service Management API and Service Provider Foundation URLs.

Collections provide entity sets (instances) of various IaaS objects, such as virtual machines, networks, and hard disks. Collections are used when you need to create, read, update, or delete (CRUD) an entity instances. The entity defines the properties and which CRUD operations are allowed.




See Virtual Network Basic Overview for more information.

BGPPeers Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


LogicalNetworks Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

LogicalNetwork [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

NATConnections Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


NATRules Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


StaticIPAddressPools Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

StaticIPAddressPool [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualNetworkAdapters Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualNetworkAdapter [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VMNetworkGateways Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


VMNetworks Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VMNetworkGateway [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VMSubnets Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


VPNConnections Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


VPNNetworkRoutes Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]



ISOs Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


VirtualDiskDrives Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualDiskDrive [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualDVDDrives Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


VirtualHardDisks Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualHardDisk [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualSCSIAdapters Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]



ApplicationHosts Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ApplicationHost [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ApplicationHostTemplates Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ApplicationHostTemplate [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ComputerTiers Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ComputerTier [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ComputerTierTemplates Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ComputerTierTemplate [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

Services Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


ServiceTemplates Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

ServiceTemplate [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

Virtual Machines

VirtualMachines Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VirtualMachine [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

VMCheckPoints Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


VMTemplates Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


Everything Else

BasicStatistics Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

BasicStatistics [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

CapabilityProfiles Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

CapabilityProfile [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

CloudCapacities Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

CloudCapacity [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

Clouds Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


GuestInfos Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


HardwareProfiles Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

HardwareProfile [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

Jobs Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


LibraryShares Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

LibraryShare [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

PerformanceData Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

PerformanceData [SPFSDK][VMMREF]

RunAsAccounts Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


UserRoles Collection [SPFSDK][VMMREF]


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