PlaylistActionResult (JSON)

The object describing a playlist action result, used by add and delete.


The PlaylistActionResult object has the following specification.

IdstringRequired. ID of the playlist.
NamestringOptional. Name of the playlist.
IsReadOnlyBoolean valueOptional. Whether the playlist can be modified or not.
IsPublishedBoolean valueOptional. Whether the playlist is public or not.
TrackActionsList of TrackActionResultOptional. Details on the results of track actions.

Sample JSON syntax

  "Id": "music.playlist.56c99764-800a-00fe-552f-ee11db9370d1",
  "TrackActionResults": [
      "InputId": "music.AQQfj2DtARB5ZkGFCMHea2k8Xge5PqgAAQ"
      "InputId": "music.2DEBEA07-0100-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933",
      "Id": "music.AQQfJsmw6ICU5kmUw5dPSMsTLwfq6y0AAQ"