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PlaylistAction (JSON)

The input element for every playlist action request: create, update, and delete.

A PlaylistAction contains playlist metadata and a list of actions to perform on the tracks in the playlist.


The PlaylistAction object has the following specification.

IdstringRequired. ID of the playlist (required for update and delete).
CollectionStateTokenstringOptional. Token indicating the current version of the collection.
NamestringOptional. Name of the playlist.
IsPublishedBoolean valueOptional. Whether the playlist is public or not.
TrackActionsList of TrackActionOptional. List of actions to perform on the playlist's tracks.

Sample JSON syntax

  "Id": "music.playlist.56c99764-800a-00fe-552f-ee11db9370d1",
  "TrackActions": [
      "Id": "music.AQQfj2DtARB5ZkGFCMHea2k8Xge5PqgAAQ",
      "Action": "Delete"
      "Id": "music.2DEBEA07-0100-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933",
      "Action": "Add"

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