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Manage the payment method for Azure subscriptions

Updated: August 23, 2014

When you first sign up for a Microsoft Azure account, you are asked to provide the billing information and credit card that you will use to pay for your Azure services. If you sign up for a trial account, the credit card you specify is not charged during the trial period. However, it is required to verify your identity at account creation.

From time to time, it may become necessary to change the billing information for the credit card that you use as payment method, or to use a different credit card. It’s easy to manage your account payment method by using the Azure Change Payment Method tool. This tool is accessible from the Azure Account Center. Only the account administrator has permission to access the account information. Use the tool to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Go to the Azure Account Center.

  2. On the subscriptions page, click the subscription for which you want to update the payment method.

  3. On the subscription summary page, click Change payment method. The Change Payment Method tool appears in a separate window.

    You can also access the Account Center from the Microsoft Azure Management Portal. To do so, click your account name, and then click View my bill.

Currently, the Change Payment Method tool does not allow you to remove an existing credit card as a payment method. For information about how to remove a credit card, see Remove a credit card that you no longer use as an Azure payment method.

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