SetByEncryptionType method of the PS_RemoteAccessRoutingDomain class

Updates the site-to-site (S2S) VPN settings for the specified encryption type.


uint32 SetByEncryptionType(
  [in]  string                 Name,
  [in]  uint32                 InterimAccountingPeriodSec,
  [in]  string                 IPAddressRange[],
  [in]  string                 IPv6Prefix,
  [in]  string                 NetBiosIPAddress[],
  [in]  uint32                 MaximumVpnConnections,
  [in]  string                 TenantName[],
  [in]  boolean                PassThru,
  [in]  boolean                Force,
  [in]  uint32                 EnableQoS,
  [in]  uint64                 TxBandwidthKbps,
  [in]  uint64                 RxBandwidthKbps,
  [in]  string                 DnsIPAddress[],
  [in]  string                 EncryptionType,
  [out] VpnRoutingDomainConfig cmdletOutput


Name [in]

The name of the routing domain.

InterimAccountingPeriodSec [in]

The interval, in seconds, at which to log interim accounting.

IPAddressRange [in]

An array that contains the start and end IP addresses that specify the range of IP addresses to allocate to VPN clients.

IPv6Prefix [in]

The IPv6 prefix to assign to VPN clients. If this parameter is set to Null, it will disable IPv6 VPN connections to the tenant.

NetBiosIPAddress [in]

An array that contains the Network Basic Input/Output System (NetBIOS) server IP addresses for VPN clients.

MaximumVpnConnections [in]

The maximum number of VPN connections for the routing domain.

TenantName [in]

An array that contains the tenant names that host the routing domain.

PassThru [in]

Indicates whether the cmdletOutput parameter returns and object.

Force [in]

Indicates whether this method uses the default confirmation prompt before performing the operation. True to use the default confirmation prompt, otherwise false. The default value for this parameter is True.

EnableQoS [in]

Indicates whether QoS is enabled on the network interface. 0 to enable QoS; otherwise 1.

TxBandwidthKbps [in]

The bandwidth limit for outgoing traffic from the VPN interface, in kbps.

RxBandwidthKbps [in]

The bandwidth limit for incoming traffic to the VPN interface, in kbps.

DnsIPAddress [in]

An array that contains the IP addresses of the Domain Name System (DNS) servers.

EncryptionType [in]

The encryption type for the VPN settings.

cmdletOutput [out]

The VpnRoutingDomainConfig object that receives the VPN settings.


Minimum supported client

None supported

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 R2







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