Setting up the pre-production development environment

This section will guide you through the process of setting up for and running your rights-enabled application in a testing / pre-production environment. The following topics discuss how to set up your pre-production development environment and are listed such that they suggest an order that you could perform the tasks.

In this section

Install the SDK

This topic guides you through installing the developer tools.

Configure Visual Studio

This topic contains instructions about how to configure a Visual Studio project to use the Rights Management Services SDK 2.1.

Configure the client

This topic contains instructions about how to configure the Active Directory Rights Management Services Client 2.1.

Install and configure the server

This topic covers the steps to install and configure and RMS Sever for testing your rights-enabled application.

Set up the test environment

Your rights-enabled application can be tested with different server options.

Testing your rights-enabled application

This topic describes the steps you need to complete to test your RMS SDK 2.1 rights-enabled application.

Debug a rights-enabled application

The following topic shows how to debug your application and use the Windows Event Log.

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