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This reference topic enumerates all of the APIs within this API contract. The APIs are listed in namespace/type/member order with links to the API reference documentation for each API.

APIs introduced in version 1.0 of Windows.Media.PlayTo.DlnaContract

Windows.Media.PlayTo namespace


CurrentTimeChangeRequestedEventArgs class

Time property

MuteChangeRequestedEventArgs class

Mute property

PlaybackRateChangeRequestedEventArgs class

Rate property

PlayToReceiver class

CurrentTimeChangeRequested event

FriendlyName property

MuteChangeRequested event

NotifyDurationChange method

NotifyEnded method

NotifyError method

NotifyLoadedMetadata method

NotifyPaused method

NotifyPlaying method

NotifyRateChange method

NotifySeeked method

NotifySeeking method

NotifyStopped method

NotifyTimeUpdate method

NotifyVolumeChange method

PauseRequested event

PlaybackRateChangeRequested event

PlayRequested event

PlayToReceiver method

Properties property

SourceChangeRequested event

StartAsync method

StopAsync method

StopRequested event

SupportsAudio property

SupportsImage property

SupportsVideo property

TimeUpdateRequested event

VolumeChangeRequested event

SourceChangeRequestedEventArgs class

Album property

Author property

Date property

Description property

Genre property

Properties property

Rating property

Stream property

Thumbnail property

Title property

VolumeChangeRequestedEventArgs class

Volume property