Authenticode (Unmanaged API Reference)

.NET Framework (current version)

Supports the Authenticode XrML license creation and verification module.

_AxlGetIssuerPublicKeyHash Function

Retrieves the SHA-1 hash of the public key associated with the private key that is used to sign the specified certificate.

_AxlPublicKeyBlobToPublicKeyToken Function

Computes the strong name public key token from a CSP PUBLICKEYBLOB format.

_AxlRSAKeyValueToPublicKeyToken Function

Converts a Modulus and Exponent to a strong name public key token.

CertFreeAuthenticodeSignerInfo Function

Frees resources allocated for the AXL_AUTHENTICODE_SIGNER_INFO structure.

CertFreeAuthenticodeTimestamperInfo Function

Frees resources allocated for the AXL_AUTHENTICODE_TIMESTAMPER_INFO structure.

CertTimestampAuthenticodeLicense Function

Time stamps an Authenticode XrML license created by CertCreateAuthenticodeLicense.

CertVerifyAuthenticodeLicense Function

Verifies the validity of an Authenticode XrML license.


Defines the Authenticode signer information.


Defines the Authenticode time stamper information.