What's New

What's New

Windows Server 2012 R2 introduces the following changes to the Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) WMI provider.

New DFSR WMI Classes

MSFT_DfsrConflictInfo class
MSFT_DfsrConnectionConfig class
MSFT_DfsrConnectionInfo class
MSFT_DfsrIdRecordInfo class
MSFT_DfsrIdUpdateInfo class
MSFT_DfsrLocalMemberConfig class
MSFT_DfsrLocalMemberInfo class
MSFT_DfsrMachineConfig class
MSFT_DfsrReplicatedFolderConfig class
MSFT_DfsrReplicatedFolderInfo class
MSFT_DfsrReplicationGroupConfig class
MSFT_DfsrServiceConfig class
MSFT_DfsrServiceInfo class
MSFT_DfsrSyncInfo class
MSFT_DfsrVolumeConfig class
MSFT_DfsrVolumeInfo class

Existing DFSR WMI Class Modifications

DfsrVolumeConfig class

Added methods:




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