The Team Who Brought You This Guide

This guide from the Microsoft patterns & practices group was produced with the help of many people within the developer community.

Vision/Program Management: Masashi Narumoto

Authors: Alex Homer, John Sharp, Larry Brader, Masashi Narumoto, and Trent Swanson

Development: Julian Dominguez, Trent Swanson (Full Scale 180), Alejandro Jezierski (Southworks)

Testing: Larry Brader, Federico Boerr and Mariano Grande (Digit Factory)

Performance Testing: Carlos Farre, Naveen Pitipornvivat (Adecco)

Documentation: Alex Homer, John Sharp (Content Master Ltd)

Graphic Artists: Chris Burns (Linda Werner & Associates Inc), Kieran Phelan (Allovus Design Inc)

Editor: RoAnn Corbisier

Production: Nelly Delgado

Technical Review: Bill Wilder (Author, Cloud Architecture Patterns), Michael Wood (Cerebrata)

Contributors: Hatay Tuna, Chris Clayton, Amit Srivastava, Jason Wescott, Clemens Vasters, Abhishek Lal, Vittorio Bertocci, Boris Scholl, Conor Cunningham, Stuart Ozer, Paolo Salvatori, Shirley Wang, Saurabh Pant, Ben Ridgway, Rahul Rai, Jeremiah Talkar, Simon Gurevich, Haishi Bai, Larry Franks, Grigori Melnik, Mani Subramanian, Rohit Sharma, Christopher Bennage, Andrew Oakley, Jane Sinyagina, and Julian Dominguez, Fernando Simonazzi (Clarius Consulting), and Valery Mizonov (Full Scale 180)

Members of Microsoft Developer Guidance Advisory Council who reviewed drafts:

Carlos dos Santos, CDS Informatica Ltda; Catalin Gheorghiu, I Computer Solutions; Neil Mackenzie, Satory Global; Christopher Maneu,; Paulo Morgado; Bill Wagner, Bill Wagner Software LLC; and Roger Whitehead, ProSource.It

Thank you all for bringing this guide to life!