CIMWin32a Provider

The CIMWin32a provider extends the classes available in the CIMWin32 provider. The classes supported by the CIMWin32a provider are declared in Wmipcima.mof and implemented in Wmipcima.dll.

In this section


CIM_CollectedCollections is an aggregation association representing that a CollectionOfMSEs may itself be contained in a collection of SMEs.


CIM_CollectedMSEs is a generic association used to establish the members of the grouping object, CIM_CollectionOfMSEs.


CollectionOfMSEs allows the grouping of CIM_ManagedSystemElement objects for the purposes of associating settings and configurations.


CollectionSetting represents the association between a CollectionOfMSEs class and the Setting class(es) defined for them.


CIM_LogicalIdentity is an abstract and generic association, indicating that two CIM_LogicalElement objects represent different aspects of the same underlying entity.


The Win32_CollectionStatistics abstract association WMI class relates a managed system element collection and the class that represents statistical information about the collection.


The Win32_ComputerShutdownEvent is a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) event class that represents events when a computer begins the process of shutting down. It identifies the type of shutdown, which can be a user log off, complete shutdown, or restart.


The Win32_ComputerSystemEvent WMI class represents events related to a computer system.


The Win32_ControllerHasHub association WMI class represents the hubs downstream from the universal serial bus (USB) controller.


The Win32_DiskDrivePhysicalMedia association WMI class defines the mapping between a disk drive and the physical components that implement it.


The Win32_GroupInDomain association WMI class identifies the group accounts associated with a Windows domain.


The Win32_NTDomain WMI class represents a Windows domain.


The Win32_PhysicalMedia class represents any type of documentation or storage medium, such as tapes, CD ROMs, and so on. To obtain the characteristics of the media in a CD drive, such as whether it is writeable, use Win32_CDROMDrive and the Capabilities property.


The Win32_USBHub WMI class represents the management characteristics of a universal serial bus (USB) hub.


The Win32_UserInDomain association WMI class relates a user account and a Windows domain.