ExchangeService.GetAttachments method (String[], Nullable<BodyType>, IEnumerable<PropertyDefinitionBase>)

Gets attachments properties from the server.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices (in Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll)

public ServiceResponseCollection<GetAttachmentResponse> GetAttachments(
	string[] attachmentIds,
	Nullable<BodyType> bodyType,
	IEnumerable<PropertyDefinitionBase> additionalProperties


Type: []

An array of attachment IDs identifying the attachments to get from the server.

Type: System.Nullable<BodyType>

Specifies how the body text is formatted in the response.

Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<PropertyDefinitionBase>

Specifies additional properties on the attachment to return in the response.

Return value

Type: Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.ServiceResponseCollection<GetAttachmentResponse>
A collection of responses for each attachment.

This method retrieves one or more attachments based on the attachment IDs specified in the attachmentIds parameter. This enables access to attachments when only the attachment ID is available, such as when a mail app sends attachment IDs to a remote service.