OData Connection Manager

SQL Server 2016 and later

Use an OData connection manager to connect to an OData source. An OData Source component connects to an OData source by using an OData connection manager and consumes data from the service. For more info, see OData Source.

You can add a new OData Connection Manager to an SSIS package in three ways:

  • Click the New… button in the OData Source Editor

  • Right-click the Connection Managers folder in Solution Explorer, and then click New Connection Manager. Select ODATA for Connection manager type.

  • Right-click in the Connection Managers pane at the bottom of the package designer, and then select New Connection…. Select ODATA for Connection manager type.

The OData Connection Manager supports five modes of authentication.

  • Windows Authentication

  • Basic Authentication (with username and password)

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX Online (with username and password)

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (with username and password)

  • Microsoft Online Services (with username and password)

For anonymous access, select the Windows Authentication option.

Specifying and Securing Credentials

If the OData service requires basic authentication, you can specify a username and password in the OData Connection Manager Editor. The values you enter in the editor are persisted in the package. The password value is encrypted according to the package protection level.

There are several ways to parameterize the username and password values or to store them outside the package. For example, you can do this by using parameters, or by setting the connection manager properties directly when you run the package using SQL Server Management Studio.

The following list describes the properties of the OData Connection Manager.

UrlURL to the service document.
UserNameUsername to use for Basic Authentication.
PasswordPassword to use for Basic Authentication.
ConnectionStringReflects other properties of the connection manager.

OData Connection Manager Editor

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