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Submit apps for Office to the Seller Dashboard

apps for Office and SharePoint

Use the Seller Dashboard to submit apps for Office to the Office Store.

Last modified: April 24, 2015

Applies to: apps for Office | apps for Office Mix | apps for SharePoint | Office Add-ins | SharePoint Add-ins

Note Note

The names "apps for Office" and "apps for SharePoint" are changing to "Office Add-ins" and "SharePoint Add-ins". During the transition, the documentation and the UI of some Office and SharePoint products and Visual Studio tools might still use the terms "apps for Office" and "apps for SharePoint".

In this article
Add an app and save it as an draft
Submit an app for approval
Additional resources

Before you submit apps to the Seller Dashboard for approval and inclusion in the Office Store, make sure that you have prepared the information that you need. For more information, see Checklist for submitting an app to the Seller Dashboard. For information about the Office Store approval process, see Publish apps to the Office Store.

Note Note

If you're submitting apps for SharePoint to the Office Store, see Submit apps for SharePoint to the Seller Dashboard

You can add and save your app as a draft in your Seller Dashboard account. You can do this even while your account is pending approval; for example, if you don’t have all the information you need, or if you want to begin adding an app that you don’t want to submit for approval yet.

To add your app

  1. Sign in to the Seller Dashboard with your Microsoft account.

  2. On the APPS tab, choose add a new app.

  3. In the NEW APP wizard, on the listing type page, choose the item in Office Types that matches your app.

  4. If it’s the first time you are creating an app for the store that lists your app type, an agreement will appear. Under marketplace terms and conditions, read the agreement, and if you agree, select the check box, and then choose NEXT or cancel.

    Note Note

    If you add an app at a later date that will be listed in a different store, you will see a different store agreement. If you add an app at a later date that will be listed in the same store, the same agreement applies. If you agree, you will see the agreement for that store only once. However, if an updated version of the agreement becomes available, you will see the updated version that requires agreement.

    After you add your app, to see a list of accepted agreements, choose the ACCOUNT tab. On the manage tab, under terms and conditions, you will see the list of the agreements you have accepted. To see the details of an agreement, choose the name of the agreement.

  5. On the overview page:

    • Under general info, provide the required information, which can include App Title, Version, and Release Date, depending on your app type.

      Important note Important

      The number you provide for Version must exactly match the version number in the app manifest file of the app you submit. Release Date is the date you want displayed as the date your app is released.

    • Choose at least one Category. You can choose up to three categories that will help customers filter in the Office Store to find your app.

    • Under logo, choose the App Logo tile, and upload your logo file. Your file must be exactly 96 pixels by 96 pixels square, and be no larger than 250 KB. It must be have the file extension .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif.

      Note Note

      For an app for Office, there is only one logo associated with your app. If your logo requires localization, you will need to submit your localized apps separately with separate logos in each language.

    • Under app package:

      • Choose the app package tile, and upload the manifest file for your app. The manifest file is an XML file that enables you to declaratively describe how your app should be activated when an end user installs and uses it with Office documents and applications. See Understanding the apps for Office XML manifest for more information.

      • Under Testing Notes, provide instructions and links to resources that will help validation testers validate your app as part of the app approval process. For example, provide valid credentials or a password if your app requires them. The credentials or password are not for public use and will only be used by Microsoft. Your Testing Notes are solely for validation purposes and will not be published in your store listing. If you provide complete Testing Notes, they can assist with the approval of your app.

      • If your app calls, supports, contains, or uses cryptography or encryption, select the My app calls, supports, contains, or uses cryptography or encryption. check box. Verify the information, and then choose Yes or No.

    • Under support documents, provide a link to a website where you provide support documentation for your app. Include http:// or https:// in your URL. Optionally, you can provide a Privacy Document Link, a Video Link, and a customized End-User License Agreement. If you don’t have a customized license agreement, the store will provide one for your app.

  6. Choose NEXT, SAVE AS DRAFT, or cancel.

  7. On the details page, do the following for language selection:

    Note Note

    You must repeat the following steps for each language that your app has been localized to and supports.

    1. In the Choose Language drop-down list, choose the language that your app has been localized to and supports.

      Note Note

      Only choose a language that your app has been localized to and supports.

    2. Choose the language for your app details, and then click CONFIRM.

    3. Under description, provide your App Name, Short Description, and Long Description in the appropriate language. For example, if you chose English in the previous step, type your App Name, Short Description, and Long Description in English.

    4. Under screenshots, choose Primary tile to upload at least one screenshot of your app. You can upload up to five images. Each screenshot must have file extension .png, jpg, .jpeg, or .gif, must be exactly 512 pixels wide and 384 pixels high, and be no larger than 300 KB.

      Important note Important

      Note the following in regard to screenshots in your app:

      • Customers will see your screenshots in the store listing for your app, so do not include any private or personal information that you do not want customers to see.

      • You can add language-specific screenshots to match each language. Adding screenshots that match each language provides the best customer experience.

    Note Note

    To add or remove a language:

    • To add another language, choose ADD A LANGUAGE and repeat the previous three steps for each language that your app has been localized to and supports.

    • To remove a language that you’ve added, choose remove language.

  8. Choose NEXT, SAVE AS DRAFT, or cancel.

  9. On the Block Access page, choose the countries/regions where you do not want your apps listed and sold, if any. If there are countries/regions in which you want to block customers from purchasing the app, do the following:

    • Select the Block customers in certain countries/regions from purchasing this app check box.


      • In the Select which countries/regions you would like to block dialog box, choose the countries/regions you want to block from purchasing your app.

      • Choose BLOCK COUNTRIES/REGIONS or Cancel after making your selections. If you block a particular country/region, users in that region will not be able to acquire or use your app.

  10. Choose NEXT, SAVE AS DRAFT, or cancel.

  11. On the pricing page, specify the pricing of your app.

    Note Note

    If your app cannot be offered for purchase, you might not see the pricing page.

    To list your app for purchase, you must also provide payout and tax information. For more information, see Create or edit a seller account and add payout information and Checklist for creating a seller account.

    You can also add pricing information later. Choose SAVE AS DRAFT and come back later to finish adding your pricing information.

    Choose the price for your app:

    • If your app is free, leave This app is free selected.

    • If your app is for a one-time purchase, choose This app is for one-time purchase, and select the Price Per User.

    • To offer your app as a monthly, auto-renewing subscription, choose This app is will be sold as a subscription, and select the Price Per User.

      App price is set at the app level. You don’t set a price for each language. You set a price tier.

      Note Note

      After you submit the app listing, you can’t change the pricing on an app from subscription to one-time charge or vice versa. This includes apps you submitted before the subscription pricing option was available.

    For paid or subscriptions apps, choose if you want to offer your app as a trial. To offer a trial of your app, under trial support, select the My app supports a trial check box, select the duration in the Duration of Trial drop-down list, and specify the number of trial users you want to allow in the Number of Users in Trial drop-down list.

    For more information about pricing options, see Decide on a pricing model for your app for Office or SharePoint.

  12. Choose SAVE AS DRAFT or cancel.

After your account in the Seller Dashboard is approved, you can submit apps for approval. To submit an app for purchase, your payout and tax information must also be validated; for more information, see Create or edit a seller account and add payout information. Your approved apps will be listed in product-specific stores.

To submit an app for approval:

  • If your account is approved and you are adding a new app, follow the steps in the previous section to add an app. In the final step of that procedure, click SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL instead of SAVE AS DRAFT.

  • If you are submitting an app that you saved to the Seller Dashboard as a draft, and you want to make changes before submitting it, choose the apps tab, and then choose the app you want to edit and submit. On your app summary page, choose EDIT DRAFT and make your changes. Choose SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL.

  • To submit an app that you saved to the Seller Dashboard as a draft without making changes, choose the apps tab, and then choose the app you want to submit. On your app summary page, choose SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL.

    Note Note

    After you submit an app for approval, you cannot make changes to your app during the approval process. When the approval process is complete, you will receive an email message. You can then edit or update your app, if necessary. For more information, see Edit your app in Update, unpublish, and track your app metrics.

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