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ContentResponse (JSON)

ContentResponse (JSON)

The output element for most content APIs.


The ContentResponse object has the following specification.

ErrorErrorOptional error.
ArtistsList of ArtistA paginated list of Artists that matched the request criteria.
AlbumsList of AlbumA paginated list of Albums that matched the request criteria.
TracksList of TrackA paginated list of Tracks that matched the request criteria.
PlaylistsList of PlaylistA paginated list of Playlists that matched the request criteria.
ResultsList of ContentItemA paginated list of ContentItems that matched the request criteria. These items are used for ordered lists mixing multiple types of content such as the Spotlight and NewReleases APIs.
GenresGenreListA list of string representing the different possible genres for a given locale. Used in the Browse Genres API.
CulturestringThe culture used for processing the Browse Genres request, computed from Country and Language parameters, user authentication and/or geolocation.

Sample JSON syntax

  "Artists": {
    "Items": [
        "Genres": [
          "Electronic / Dance"
        "Subgenres": [
        "Id": "music.C61C0000-0200-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933",
        "Name": "Daft Punk",
        "ImageUrl": "http://musicimage.xboxlive.com/content/music.C61C0000-0200-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933/image?locale=en-US",
        "Link": "http://music.microsoft.com/Artist/C61C0000-0200-11DB-89CA-0019B92A3933?partnerID=AwesomePartner",
        "OtherIds": {
          "music.amg": "P   168791"
        "Source": "Catalog"

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