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Following are some important rules you must respect when using the Xbox Music Service. This list is not meant to be exhaustive:

  • Users of the Xbox Music Service must comply with the XBOX MUSIC API TERMS OF USE.

  • Every time data from the Xbox Music Service is used in your application or web site, you must display a deep link to the relevant content.

    For more information about deep links, see Deep Link.

  • You may only display an item of album art in connection with an opportunity to purchase the corresponding track in Xbox Music or to promote the availability of the track in Xbox Music Pass.

    These can be created using action deep links (play, buy, view, addtocollection) and/or text and images as described in the Guidelines for Using Xbox Music Badges.

  • For images, you must use the exact URLs returned by the Xbox Music RESTful API.

    You may customize them only by using the parameters described in Image Service. Any other change that is not documented in Image Service will be considered a breach of the terms of use of the Xbox Music Service.

  • Affiliate sites and applications must comply with the Guidelines for Using Xbox Music Badges.

    These branding guidelines provide detailed information about how Xbox Music assets, naming, references, and linking must be integrated in your application.

  • The application or website may neither integrate nor redistribute the content obtained from the Xbox Music Service to other services similar to Xbox, such as radio services and other music services.

  • The application or website may cache the content retrieved through the Xbox Music RESTful API for a limited period of time—a maximum of 24 hours.

    After 24 hours, the application must update the data by querying the Xbox Music RESTful API again.

  • If Microsoft provides you with an authentication token, your application may enable users to sign in to their Xbox Music Pass premium subscription accounts and stream audio content. Your application must not enable download of audio content from the Xbox Music Pass service, or any other form of unauthorized reproduction such as stream capture.

Pilot Program

The Pilot Program is a limited beta for developers who wish to stream content from Xbox Music Pass through an authorized application.

Please visit http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkID=396801 if you are interested in learning more about the requirements to participate in one of the limited slots. The following guidelines apply to all Pilot Program applications in addition to the guidelines above.

  • You must authenticate each user as a premium Xbox Music Pass subscriber before streaming content from the Xbox Music Pass catalog as further described in the documentation provided by Microsoft.
  • Your application must list the artist name, song title and album title prior to each stream, and if technically possible, contemporaneously with playback.
  • You must not pre-load (pre-download) more than three songs in advance for streaming, and you may do so only when the currently playing song is 20 seconds or fewer from reaching the end.

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