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Guidelines for Using Xbox Music Badges

These guidelines are for promoting Xbox Music, including use of the Available on Xbox Music and Play on Xbox Music badges.

Referring to Xbox Music

Xbox Music remains in English worldwide, and only the "X" and the "M" are capitalized. On the first mention in body copy, use the trademark symbol (®), placed as follows: Xbox® Music.

Don't abbreviate Xbox Music or use it the possessive form. For more information, see Microsoft trademark guidelines on the following web page: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/intellectualproperty/Trademarks/Usage/General.aspx

Available on Xbox Music

The Available on Xbox Music badge communicates that a song, album, artist, or playlist is available on the service. When used online, the badge must always be hyperlinked to http://music.xbox.com. It can also be used in printed materials.

Play on Xbox Music

The Play on Xbox Music badge is for websites and other digital experiences where the consumer can click to instantly listen to a song, album, artist, or playlist. Clicking this badge must launch a streaming playback experience, either via Xbox Music on the web, or an Xbox Music app. This badge is not used in printed materials.

Using the Badges

Use the badge artwork exactly as provided in the following downloadable file: XboxMusic-badges.zip. Badges can be resized, but they should not be rotated or otherwise altered. Do not use both the Available on Xbox Music and Play on Xbox Music on the same page. If instant streaming playback is enabled, use Play on Xbox Music.

Clear space and size

Use a green badge on all backgrounds except for green. Black versions are available for use on green and for when there are constraints due to print production.


Badges are available in small, medium, and large sizes for raster applications. You may scale the badges for your application, provided that guidance about minimum size is followed.



Use the Availability badges on content or in line with other service and store logos.

Placing badges

Badge placement in the lower right corner is preferred. If clear space is not available there, choose another corner.

When other badges are present, place the Xbox Music badge in line with and at the same height as the others.

Use the largest size badge that fits the layout.


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