How to: Enable SharePoint Social Feeds in a LightSwitch App


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You can provide a social collaboration experience for a SharePoint list by incorporating a social feed into a LightSwitch app for SharePoint or a cloud business app. When a user creates or changes an item in a list, a post is automatically added to the feed. Users can like and add comments to any post, and they can follow a social feed for any app.

When you deploy an app with a social feed to SharePoint, the app web for that app includes a SharePoint Newsfeed. Users can choose the Newsfeed tab to view and interact with posts for any item in the app. If you disable the social feed and redeploy the app, any existing threads in the newsfeed are preserved.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

For LightSwitch apps for SharePoint that contain a Silverlight client, the SharePoint Newsfeed is disabled by default. You can create a social feed by using the SharePoint object model. See Work with social feeds in SharePoint 2013.

To enable a social feed

  1. In the entity designer, on the Perspective bar, choose the Server tab.

  2. In the Properties window, choose the Social section, and then select the Post when Created check box, the Post when Updated check box, or both.

    If you select the Post when Updated check box, a Choose post triggers link appears in the Properties window.

To update a social feed based on data updates

  1. In the Properties window, choose the Choose post triggers link.

  2. In the Choose post triggers dialog box, select the check boxes for the fields that you want to monitor, and then choose the OK button.

    A separate post is created when data changes in any field that you've specified.

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